Pre purchase car inspection report.

      • 22 November 2022
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      Here-below you can find an example of our pre-purchase car inspection report.

      Please note:

      this is an example, we operate all around the EU and our technicians have different report layouts; this is an example, every report is calibrated on the car's weak points and on the customer's requests; where possible, we measure the paint thickness to check for respray / repaint / filler / rust / damages; we do appoximately 130 hi-res pictures of the car, please see this link: photographic report example we check the underneath of the car (not done in the report below), where visible. If possible, we lift the car with our jack or we ask the seller to lift the car on the lift; if we are allowed to do so, we perform a test drive and write a separate report (not visible below) regarding the mechanical condition of the car and the result of the test drive. we check and (if allowed) take pictures of the documents available with the car, the service [...]
      Abilita JavaScript nel browser per completare questo modulo.Your name and surname *Email *Phone numberA phone number will greatly help us to succesfully contact you back. Please include your international Country code. How can we help? *Please be sure to mention the MAKE and MODEL of the vehicle you want to be inspected as well as the town/address where it is located.Vehicle condition: *RUNNING VEHICLENON-RUNNER VEHICLESend!
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      Our pre-purchase car and bike inspection is a choice for those who already choosed their perfect car and found a suitable offer. You would need to provide the vehicle details to us and we will carry out an inspection at the seller address (or in another agreed place) in order to assess the condition of the car. We will then report all the findings and defects to you in a comprehensive and easy to read car inspection report. All you need to do after that is to decide whether you are happy to buy the car or not. Moreover, our report can be a valid proof for the negotiation of the price of the vehicle..We are asked, more and more frequently, and we can also perform one of the following inspections:

      pre-sale inspection; this will greatly help you to prove your car conditions to any potential buyer and to boost the sale; post-accident inspection: checks and confirm that the repairs made to the vehicle meet a certain standard; post purchase inspection: provides a mechanical, structural and component check to confirm problems or mechanical faults after you’ve bought the vehicle.

      We provide a mobile inspection service [...]


      Whether it is a vintage classic, a modern car, a supercar or a high-value factory prototype, we are proud to take care of any transportation and relocation of your vehicle, transporting it to your new house, car shows, exhibitions, the new owner or any other place in the UK, Europe or all over the world.

      Willing to import a vehicle from another country? Leaving the country and want to take your vehicle with you? Attending an event around the world? Whether you are an individual enthusiast, a professional dealer or a specialist organisation, look no further, we will give your pride and joy all the respect it deserves with a reliable, fully insured, hassle-free tailored service with the aim of relocating your vehicle safely and conveniently, from and to anywhere in the world.  We’ll take care of all th [...]

      • 3 May 2021
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      Since 2008, we specialise in finding vehicles to client specification.


      We assist you through the whole process; we will locate, inspect, negotiate, collect, register and deliver your desired car to your garage door, wherever the car is, wherever you are.


      Our dedicated service ensures that clients can enjoy the experience of the purchase with complete privacy and confidentiality through a smooth, safe, effective and successful process.

      The first step starts here. After a thorough conversation to understand our Customer needs and requirements, we search for the right car that fullfill his specifications.

      Let us take the hassle of contacting the seller and let our skills work for you; we'll ask the right questions to the seller and do our best to reach the most satisfactory agreement.With more than 160 points checked and a comprehensive set of pictures, our pre-purchase inspection will greatly help you know whether a car’s in good order before you buy.We will take care and inform you about all the aspects of the purchase, including the (sometimes difficult) bureaucratic aspects both in the Country of pu [...]


      Customs clearance is a complex business and can result in costly fines and delays if not carried out correctly. We know this very well and are here to assist in all aspects relating to the customs clearance of your goods. So whatever your country of origin, whatever your destination, we will make it easy and uncomplicated.

      We provide a comprehensive customs clearance service for Import and Export shipments arriving and departing from all UK ports and airports. Our specialist knowledge in understanding UK import regulations enables us to offer advice to Importers on all customs-related matters.

      Our team of customs clearance experts will guide you through the entire customs process and ensure you have all the correct documentation for a hassle-free, quick transportation.

      We have links to the UK’s major airports, ports and terminals and also uses the latest technology for electronic transmission direct to Customs. This enables us to provide fast Customs Clearance of shipments arriving at all Ports and Airports nationwide.

      Brexit - UK - EU Customs Clearance Services.

      Brexit Advisory Services. Out of Hours Clearance Service T1 emission and discharg [...]

      Selling your vehicle has never been so easy.

      We are always looking to buy quality vehicles. So if you are looking to sell your vehicle please call us, send us an email or alternatively complete our online sales valuation form below with the details of your vehicle. We'll inspect your car and make you an offer, with or without a part exchange situation.One of the prime avenues to saving money on your next car is by getting a car part exchange, allowing you to put the value of your outgoing vehicle against a new one and can act as your full or partial deposit. We would like you to note that we are often able to offer a part-exchange service against a car we source for you (and not in our stock).A new and advanced service giving the Customer the best chance to get the optimum deal selling his car, with lots of benefits: no advertising costs, no time wasters or test pilots, no strangers visiting your home, no hassle.Generally selling to a dealer is quick and painless with minimum hassle, and furthermore no ongoing legal responsibility for the condition of the car. Moreover, you may be able to strike a good deal if your car has some peculiarities or if you are [...]

      Sold & managed

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      1. Accuracy and Contract

      Ayrton Ltd cannot guarantee the accuracy of information given on this site. Specifications and prices are indications for information purposes only. Please contact the selling dealership to confirm all prices and specifications before proceeding.

      Any mileages quoted are approximate and may not be guaranteed - please confirm with us before your purchase.

      Specifications of models can change from time to time. We reserve the right to change the specifications of any of its products.

      The information given is not intended to form the basis of any contract, and is merely an invitation to treat. Contracts can be made by completing and signing an order form at the selling dea [...]

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