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      Whether it is a vintage classic, a modern car, a supercar or a high-value factory prototype, we are proud to take care of any transportation and relocation of your vehicle, transporting it to your new house, car shows, exhibitions, the new owner or any other place in the UK, Europe or all over the world.

      Willing to import a vehicle from another country? Leaving the country and want to take your vehicle with you? Attending an event around the world? Whether you are an individual enthusiast, a professional dealer or a specialist organisation, look no further, we will give your pride and joy all the respect it deserves with a reliable, fully insured, hassle-free tailored service with the aim of relocating your vehicle safely and conveniently, from and to anywhere in the world.ย  Weโ€™ll take care of all the aspects involved and we’ll deliver your vehicle in precisely the same condition it was in when it left.


      Reliable, comprehensive, bespoke door-to-door service.

      A fully documented transportation process, with optional pre and post condition report.

      National, European and international freight by road, sea and air.

      Working customer service. Great efficiency from booking through to collection and delivery.

      100% satisfied Customers.

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      We guarantee a quick response.

      Please note: if you receive from a third party an invoice appearing to be from CAR4PASSION which includes the shipping and/or the sale of a vehicle please treat it with suspicion and contact us immediately.

      America (USA)
      Austria (AU)
      Belgium (BE)
      Bulgaria (BG)
      Croatia (HRK)
      Danemark (DK)
      Estonia (EST)
      Finland (FIN)
      France (FR)
      Germany (DE)
      Japan (JP)

      Greece (GR)
      United kingdom (UK)
      Ireland (IRL)
      Italy (IT)
      Latvia (LV)
      Lituania (LT)
      Luxembourg (L)
      Principaux de Monaco (MC)
      Netherland (NL)

      Poland (PL)
      Portugal (P)
      Czech Rerpublic (CZ)
      Romania (RO)
      Russia (RU)
      San Marino
      Slovakia (SK)
      Slovenia (SLO)
      Spain (E)
      Sweden (S)
      Swiss (CH)
      Hungary (H)


      We take care of all the bureaucracy.

      All the papers, from the contract to the transport documents will be checked on your behalf.

      Try our hassle-free registration services.


      Shipping often means import/export paperwork and duties. Weย can deal with all of your Customs enquiries, queries and needs. With many years of experience, we have built a wealth of knowledge and an excellent reputation within the industry. We’ll follow, on your behalf, all the import/export beaurocracy, the complexities of freight documentation and customs brokerage. You can be assured of the best possible advice and an efficient, trouble-free service at all times.

      Dealing with Customs can be a difficult, problematic and time-consuming task. Let our team alleviate any Customs and Revenue worries you may have.

      We also provide efficient support for road registration of your vehicle in the country of destination, all around Europe.

      Click above for a free quote, call us at +44.7514168120 or WhatsApp to us
      We guarantee a quick response.


      Customs clearance is a complex business and can result in costly fines and delays if not carried out correctly. We know this very well and are here to assist in all aspects relating to the customs clearance of your goods. So whatever your country of origin, whatever your destination, we will make it easy and uncomplicated.

      We provide a comprehensive customs clearance service for Import and Export shipments arriving and departing from all UK ports and airports. Our specialist knowledge in understanding UK import regulations enables us to offer advice to Importers on all customs-related matters.

      Our team of customs clearance experts will guide you through the entire customs process and ensure you have all the correct documentation for a hassle-free, quick transportation.

      We have links to the UKโ€™s major airports, ports and terminals and also uses the latest technology for electronic transmission direct to Customs. This enables us to provide fast Customs Clearance of shipments arriving at all Ports and Airports nationwide.

      Brexit – UK – EU Customs Clearance Services.

      • Brexit Advisory Services.
      • Out of Hours Clearance Service
      • T1 emission and discharge
      • Customs Clearance at all UK Ports
      • Food Stuff & Perishable
      • Import Duty Consultancy

      As a part of our service we offer:

      • UK Export Declarations (submission to customs, Export Accompanying Document (EAD) EX1
      • Export movement guarantee and Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) T1
      • UK Import Declarations (submission to customs, C88 Customs Trader Paper)
      • EU Export Declarations (submissions to EU Customs, ย EAD โ€“ EX1)

      We offer advice and guidance on all complex customs documentation and give specific instruction to ensure your submissions can be promptly processed.

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