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      Our pre-purchase car and bike inspection is a choice for those who already choosed their perfect car and found a suitable offer. You would need to provide the vehicle details to us and we will carry out an inspection at the seller address (or in another agreed place) in order to assess the condition of the car. We will then report all the findings and defects to you in a comprehensive and easy to read car inspection report. All you need to do after that is to decide whether you are happy to buy the car or not. Moreover, our report can be a valid proof for the negotiation of the price of the vehicle..


      We are asked, more and more frequently, and we can also perform one of the following inspections:

      • pre-sale inspection; this will greatly help you to prove your car conditions to any potential buyer and to boost the sale;
      • post-accident inspection: checks and confirm that the repairs made to the vehicle meet a certain standard;
      • post purchase inspection: provides a mechanical, structural and component check to confirm problems or mechanical faults after you’ve bought the vehicle.


      • We provide a mobile inspection service at the location you want and when you want.

      • Our report is designed to clearly give you the state of the car you are interested in.

      • One price, one comprehensive and thorough inspection. No half measures.

      • Paint thickness measurment to discover hidden damages and repairs.

      • An average of 140 detailed pictures and videos taken and forwarded to you.

      • Immediate verbal summary of the condition of the car, on site, to help you negotiating the price without losing time.

      It’s estimated that 2 in 6 used cars needs repairs and 3 in 6 have a grey history. Take these risks out of the equation with our pre purchase inspection.

      Click above for a free quote, call us at +44.7514168120 or WhatsApp to us
      We guarantee a quick response.


      America (USA)
      Austria (AU)
      Belgium (BE)
      Bulgaria (BG)
      Cyprus (CY)
      Croatia (HRK)
      Denmark (DK)
      Estonia (EST)
      Finland (FIN)
      France (FR)
      Germany (DE)
      Japan (JP)

      Greece (GR)
      England (UK)
      Ireland (IRL)
      Italy (IT)
      Latvia (LV)
      Lithuania (LT)
      Luxembourg (L)
      Montecarlo (MC)
      Netherland (NL)

      Poland (PL)
      Portugal (P)
      Czech Republic (CZ)
      Romania (RO)
      Russia (RU)
      San Marino
      Slovakia (SK)
      Slovenia (SLO)
      Spain (E)
      Sweden (S)
      Swiss (CH)
      Hungary  (H)

      Expert inspectors

      With 12 years of experience, we personally inspect the car or we use selected inspectors to give you the best picture of the car you are interested in.

      Comprehensive inspection

      No levels of choice; our very much appreciated inspections are full and complete. We will check the whole car, from top to bottom.

      Protection from surprises

      Our inspections check the vehicle thorougly to ensure the peace of mind when buying an used vehicle, potentially protecting you from hidden surprises or costly repairs.

      Quick and easy booking

      We aim to take care of your request in a matter of hours. Contact us through our contact page to explain your needs and obtain a quick quote.

      Worldwide service

      We can inspect the vehicle in the UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Europe in general. We also work with qualified inspectiors in Japan and the US.

      By your side

      As a third party, we work indipendently and free from any interests. Our aim is to provide you with a clear, realistic and transparent report about the condition of the car.


      Is an inspection worth doing?

      For many of us, the idea of buying a used car, whether from a dealer or through a private sale, is a daunting and stressing experience. You’ll be taking a leap of faith, if not an outright gamble, into whether you’re getting good value for your hard-earned cash or buying into someone else problems. Our pre-purchase car inspection is a service designed to take some of that worry out of any such purchase

      A pre-purchase inspection is highly recommended when purchasing an used vehicle, with or without a warranty, from a private or a dealer or when the vehicle is located far from you. For this reason, a qualified inspection makes financial sense, avoinding accident/damaged cars, mechanical or cosmetical issues and saving potential costly repairs or problems to the buyer.

      What does our vehicle inspection cover?

      Our inspections are visual, not intrusive checks which vary depending on the vehicle type.

      Inspections cover usually the following:

      • Bodywork and exterior, including the measurment of the paint thickness (where possible)
      • Mechanical and structural
      • Underbody
      • Interior
      • Electrical, main functions and controls
      • Engine compartment
      • Front and rear suspension
      • Steering
      • Clutch
      • Transmission
      • Exhaust system
      • Fuel system
      • Brakes
      • Wheels and tyres
      • Road test of up to 10 miles (depending on the vehicle type, road conditions, traffic, fuel level and engineer’s judgement)

      What doesn't our vehicle inspecton cover?

      Our Vehicle Inspection won’t cover:

      • Dismantling, removing, disconnecting or taking apart any item on the vehicle
      • Mileage accuracy
      • Oil and fuel consumption
      • Sources of oil leaks
      • Multimedia systems or sat navs
      • Cylinder compression
      • Air-conditioning function and efficiency (using specific diagnostic equipment)
      • Vehicle electrics and electronics (requiring the use of specific diagnostic equipment)
      • Exhaust emissions and/or catalytic converters (requiring the use of gas analysing equipment)

      How long does an inspection take?

      Ourpre-purchase inspection typically takes between two and three hours, depending on the vehicle and its condition.

      Do you test drive the car?

      Yes, if possible. When taking the appointment with the seller, we usually ask him/her if we will be able to do a test drive. Our test drive usually last for about 15minutes and is often useful to check the mechanical condition of the car (suspensions, loose parts, clutch, gearbox and/or differential noises etc)

      Do I have to be present during the inspection?

      You do not necessarily have to be present for the inspection, we will send you a full report afterwards, including our much appreciated 100+ detailed photos.

      Will I receive a report?

      Once we have completed the inspection on the vehicle, you will receive a verbal inspection report over the phone, before we leave from the site. You will than receive the written report via email, as soon as the inspection is complete and the inspector is back at his office. The report will also contain all the pictures done during the inspections.

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