Pre purchase car inspection report.


      Here-below you can find an example of our pre-purchase car inspection report.

      Please note:

      • this is an example, we operate all around the EU and our technicians have different report layouts;
      • this is an example, every report is calibrated on the car’s weak points and on the customer’s requests;
      • where possible, we measure the paint thickness to check for respray / repaint / filler / rust / damages;
      • we do appoximately 130 hi-res pictures of the car, please see this link: photographic report example
      • we check the underneath of the car (not done in the report below), where visible. If possible, we lift the car with our jack or we ask the seller to lift the car on the lift;
      • if we are allowed to do so, we perform a test drive and write a separate report (not visible below) regarding the mechanical condition of the car and the result of the test drive.
      • we check and (if allowed) take pictures of the documents available with the car, the service history etc.


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