Seat, relax and cheerfully wait your next toy.


Almost everything; we provide a wide range of bespoke services to help you deal with your vehicle(s), whatever the service may be.

Our services are tailored to suit your individual requirements. Our aim is to make the process of finding, buying, selling, maintaining or enhancing your vehicle(s) as hassle-free as possible, imparting our knowledge and expertise and giving you the level of service you expect and deserve. Furthermore, we can offer the usual dealer facilities such as part exchanges, finance packages, warranties, SORs etc.

Face the automotive world with us means wanting to save time, money and possible problems, with the certainty of having a professional figure beside you who will always direct you to the right choice.

Please see the full list of our services below.


  • We are by your side, with skill and passion, following you through all the processes.

  • Complete and bespoke services to reach all your car-related requirements.

  • Save your patience, time and money with our reliable and hassle-free services.

  • Clear targets, transparent choices. No surprises or unexpected costs.


If you are looking to buy a vehicle, you are in the right place.


Choose your next vehicle from our current inventory, we offer varied range of vehicles. As part as our sales service all our vehicles, before entering our inventory, are carefully inspected; more than 120 rigorous checks are done to ensure your total peace of mind when buying from us.


Are you looking for a specific vehicle we don’t have in our stock? Feel free to contact us through email, our contact form or over the phone. With our knowledge and worldwide contacts, you will receive a bespoke service to help you find the vehicle of your dreams.

Main related services:

Part exchange

One of the prime avenues to saving money on your next car is by getting a car part exchange, allowing you to put the value of your outgoing vehicle against a new one and can act as your full or partial deposit. We would like you to note that we are offering a part-exchange service even against a car we source for you (and not in our stock).

FAQ: get a part exchange with Car4Passion

When you come to us to get a car part exchange, you can be guaranteed of a quick and hassle-free process that also gives you an immediate free car valuation guide to give you a solid idea of what your car is worth. We have over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry to give you an accurate guide of your car’s part exchange value and the amount you’ll be able to put up towards another vehicle we have for sale or that we have sourced for you.

The three easy steps to getting your accurate part exchange car valuation:

1. Through our email, our simple online part exchange form or over the phone, enter your car’s details, followed by a few details about yourself and you’ll be given an initial valuation guide of your vehicle, dependant on what condition it’s in.

2. If our valuation suits your expectations, we will be able to schedule an appointment at our premises or at an address of your choices to inspect your vehicle in person and confirm the valuation.

3. From there, you’ll be able to discuss putting the value of your vehicle as a car part exchange towards a new one, allowing you to substantially bring down its cost.

While there is at no point any obligation to accept the figure we give you as your part exchange car value, we strive to give you the best price for your vehicle every time and you can expect a quick turnaround towards getting you into a new car.


The fear for many buyers when dipping into the used car market is the reliability of the car in question. On many of our used vehicles we offer a warranty service, as part of our commitment to Customer peace of mind. It is possible for warranties to be extended to 12, 24 or 36 months, depending on the car and its age, to protect your purchase for a longer period of time to ensure that you can be free to enjoy your new vehicle. Simply ask us about the best warranty package for you.


Finance is an important part of our Customer care and it’s in our own best interests to find the right financial package that suits your individual needs. In coming to Car4Passion to buy a car on finance, you’ll benefit from being able to choose from a comprehensive selection of car finance options from a variety of lending institutions and banks to secure the best possible solution and offer it to you. We’ll always ensure that your needs come first when putting together a car finance package for your car. Let’s discuss togheter the right finance solution for you.

Same day drive away and insurances.

Wishing to drive away with your car the same day? Simply choose the car you want and leave the rest to us.


Selling your vehicle has never been so easy.


We are always looking to buy quality vehicles. So if you are looking to sell your vehicle please call us, send us an email or alternatively complete our online sales valuation form with the details of your vehicle.


A new and advanced service giving the Customer the best chance to get the optimum deal selling his car, with lots of benefits: no advertising costs, no time wasters or test pilots, no strangers visiting your home, no hassle.

  • Quick & genuine valuation of your car.

  • Avoid timewasters and test pilots.

  • Inspection at our or your address.

  • Quick and hassle free sale.

  • Immediate payment.

  • No hidden expenses for you.

  • You will be free from any hassle.

  • Insured and heated premise.

  • Free service if not sold.

  • Your car advertised on top websites.

  • Marketed 24h a day, 7 days a week.

  • Professional shooting of your car.


With two easy steps we are able to complete the valuation of your car:

1. Through our email or our simple online car part exchange form, enter your car’s details, followed by a few details about yourself and you’ll be given an initial valuation guide of your vehicle, depending on what condition it’s in.

2. If our valuation suits your expectations, we will be able to schedule an appointment at our premises or at an address of your choice to inspect the car in person and confirm the preliminary valuation.

We are not time wasters. If we are not interested in a car, we will tell you from the beginning. Otherwise if the car pass our inspection, the trade will be hassle free and straightforward.

If an agreement is reached, we will sign a contract of sale, we will pay for the car and collect it in a matter of hours (after the payment has arrived to you, of course).

Quickly and safely. We offer a wide range of payment methods to suits your needs.

Usually not; we can settle this for you as part of the deal once the agreement is completed.

We are plates enthusiast. If the deal include the private plate, we will sort out all the papers ourselves. If not, we can help you dealing with retention etc.

Absolutely no hidden costs for you.


Yes in most circumstances, with a fully insured recovery truck. We offer a covered transportation service if needed.

We can settle this for you as part of the deal once a sale is completed.

We can help you with this, no problems.

As quickly as possible. We offer a wide range of payment methods to suits what will be best for you.

Absolutely not. If strictly needed (to test the car with a serious potential buyer, for example) we will contact you in advance asking your permission to drive the car under our full cover insurance.

We return it to you in the same conditions you gave it to us, of course.

We always agree in advance a price for our services that will be applied only if the car is sold. Otherwise the service will be totally free of cost for you.


A wide range of services to fulfill all your requirements.


We are proud to take care of any relocation of your vehicle, both within and outside the UK.

Willing to import a vehicle into the UK or Europe in general? Leaving the Country and want to take your vehicle with you? Look no further, we offers a hassle free, convenient and tailored car import and export service enabling anyone to move their vehicle safely and conveniently, from and to anywhere in the world.

We can also provide a support for road registering your vehicle in the State of destination.

  • To and from all over the world.

  • 100% satisfied Customers.

  • Wide range of transportation methods.

  • Only selected and professional Companies.

  • Complete confidentiality and discretion.

  • Full risks basis insurance.

Ferrari Italia Speciale delivery

Subject to availability, we offer an affordable and flexible storage service for cars and bikes. So, whether is the vehicle you have, we offer a professional care combined with a friendly but meticulous service. We act bearing in mind that we are taking responsibility for more than a car; the value of your pride & joy is often greater than the price paid and we put all our effort in knowing the importance of good security, accurate humidity control, regular exercise, careful handling and trust. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.





  • We own our building with freehold rights.
  • The unit was renewed thinking of a lounge. You can stay with us, drinking a good coffee and reading a magazine.
  • Our building is dedicated to vehicle storage.
  • Our building is dehumidified and fully insulated.
  • The light coming from outside is filtered.
  • Our rates are competitive and very clear. We aim to be friendly and flexible (e.g. no notice periods or cancellation charges).
  • We never allow any maintenance, service, painting or repair work to be carried out on site (i.e. no risk of damage to your vehicle).
  • We have renewed the whole building and invested in heat detectors, fire extinguishers, CCTV and a alarm system.

We work, you relax. We have two fully insured trailers (open and cover) or we can use our tow truck to move your car from and to our unit.

On appointment basis and with a small fees, we offer our Customers the availability of taking them from their address to our unit (to take the car) or, vice-versa, from the unit to their address.

In order to help keep our customers’ vehicles safe and secure, you cannot access the unit without an appointment. We are open 7 days a week (with some exception), from 7am to 7pm.


If requested, your vehicle can be fitted with a free dust cover or you can use your own cover.

We attach battery conditioners to all vehicles for a small fee. We only use MX5.0T new battery conditioners from CTEK.
Battery conditioners are essential when storing modern vehicles since their sophisticated computers, alarms and tracking devices can drain a battery in just 2 – 3 weeks.

Absolutely no hidden costs for you.


Bank transfer.

We accept all the main currencies.


Fees may apply.


Within the law limit.

Credit/debit cards

Fees may apply.

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