Your personal car shopper

Since 2008, we specialise in finding vehicles to client specification.


We assist you through the whole process; we will locate, inspect, negotiate, collect, register and deliver your desired car to your garage door, wherever the car is, wherever you are.


Our dedicated service ensures that clients can enjoy the experience of the purchase with complete privacy and confidentiality through a smooth, safe, effective and successful process.



The first step starts here. After a thorough conversation to understand our Customer needs and requirements, we search for the right car that fullfill his specifications.


Let us take the hassle of contacting the seller and let our skills work for you; we’ll ask the right questions to the seller and do our best to reach the most satisfactory agreement.


With more than 160 points checked and a comprehensive set of pictures, our pre-purchase inspection will greatly help you know whether a car’s in good order before you buy.


We will take care and inform you about all the aspects of the purchase, including the (sometimes difficult) bureaucratic aspects both in the Country of purchase and in the Country of destination.


Our experience in shipping and relocating cars all around the world will provide the best shipping solutions in terms of price, safety and quality of the service.


Last but not least, we will take care of the registration of the Customer car in his Country.

Please note: we can help you through all the steps here above or just through some of them: your choice!


We are your dedicated Personal Shopper. We do all the legwork for you to find you the best deal on the car of your choice.

We always aim at offering clear, independent and professional services, providing content-rich solutions capable to assist in a comprehensive manner even the most demanding Customer.

We understand that the process of buying and selling a car might be, and often is, complex, time-consuming, confusing, hazardous and daunting. Car4Passion will follow you through all the processes,  from the initial research to the sale, from the shipping to the registration and our services will allow you to find the best solution in the market through an easy, safer and satisfactory process.

It is one of our main targets (and a pleasure) to establish a sincere relationship with our Customers, sharing passion, values and ideas in a continued, professional but friendly connection. We’ll be by your side to understand your wishes and to achieve them, ensuring quality, safety and cost-effective choices.

We always strive to make your car buying & selling experience a memorable one. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional levels of customer service and constant support and we are continuously working hard to further enhance our Customer experience.

Following your best interest, by your side, with our passion!


  • Save your patience, time and money with our reliable and hassle-free services.

  • Complete and bespoke services to reach all your car-related requirements and hit the target.

  • Always on-hand and on-side, to fulfil your dream.

  • By your side, with skill and passion, following you through the very whole purchase process.

  • We have the experience you need

  • A reliable partner. Clear and transparent choices. No surprises or unexpected costs.

  • We are impartial and do not recommend any specific brand, model or seller.

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Part exchange

One of the prime avenues to saving money on your next car is by getting a car part exchange, allowing you to put the value of your outgoing vehicle against a new one and can act as your full or partial deposit. We would like you to note that we are offering a part-exchange service even against a car we source for you (and not in our stock).


The fear for many buyers when dipping into the used car market is the reliability of the car in question. On many of our used vehicles we offer a warranty service, as part of our commitment to Customer peace of mind. It is possible for warranties to be extended to 12, 24 or 36 months, depending on the car and its age, to protect your purchase for a longer period of time to ensure that you can be free to enjoy your new vehicle. Simply ask us about the best warranty package for you.


Finance is an important part of our Customer care and it’s in our own best interests to find the right financial package that suits your individual needs. In coming to Car4Passion you’ll benefit from being able to choose from a comprehensive selection of car finance options from a variety of lending institutions and banks to secure the best possible solution. We’ll always ensure that your needs come first when putting together a car finance package for your car.

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