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There are various methods of selling your car. You can deal with the sale yourself and advertise privately or you can sell it on to a dealer. Each has its own pitfalls that you should be aware of.

We mainly have two methods helping you to sell your vehicle.

  • DIRECT BUY: we can inspect your car and make you an offer, with or without a part exchange situation.
  • SALE OR RETURN: we can sell your vehicles on your behalf.

Please visit our SERVICES page for further information regarding the above services.

Generally selling to a dealer is quick and painless with minimum hassle, and furthermore no ongoing legal responsibility for the condition of the car. Moreover you may be able to strike a good deal if your car have some peculiarities or if you are part exchanging your vehicle.

On the other side some sellers may feel that their vehicle has been undervalued. Additionally you may be in a situation where you owe more on finance for the vehicle than the dealer is offering you as a trade price.


We think it’s a matter of luck; for sure selling privately is always an unknown future. You may be lucky and sell your car quickly and at the right price or you may loose time and money. Moreover there are some potential pitfalls that can arise from a private sale, for example:

  • A private retail value will rarely match that of a dealer, as you cannot offer the same level of services (finance, taking part exchange, warranties, after sales care etc).
  • There are the advertising costs, which can spiral over time, due to lack of interest. Advertise a car is time consuming too.
  • Timewasters. The old tyre kickers, test pilots, call them what you like; they will waste your time or not even turn up.
  • Privacy: who is coming to view your car at your house? Are they the sort of person you would normally invite to your home?
  • Responsibility: when you sell your car privately you might be still legally liable to the purchaser for a period of time decided by a court.
  • It is unlikely that you or the potential buyer is correctly insured to test drive your car.
  • Scams: counterfeit money and bankers drafts, fraudulent cards and internet banking. The list goes on..
  • Ebay: we all love Ebay for a bargain, but it is full of pitfalls. Have you ever notice how many “relisted due to timewaster” adverts are present?

Use the following form to let us know what are you willing to sell.  We will contact you back with our quotation for your vehicle.

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