We often have some nice gems for sale


We often have some nice gems for sale
VEHICLES BROKERAGE We grew up and keep strong relationships with car's collector and brokers all over the world. Below you can find some of the cars we are proud to offer. For any information regarding these cars, please send un an email (we'll ask your references). Ferrari F40Ferrari 458 Speciale ApertaFerrari FFFerrari Daytona 365 GTB/4Ferrari 512 TRPorsche 918 SpiderPorsche Speedster 1989Porsche Speedster 1993Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster We offer a professional vehicle brokerage service; we used to deal with Sports, Prestige and Classic Cars. If you are thinking of buying or selling or part-exchanging your car, just use the contact page to keep in touch with us.
THINKING OF SELLING?   There are various methods of selling your car. You can deal with the sale yourself and advertise privately or you can sell it on to a dealer. Each has its own pitfalls that you should be aware of. SELLING TO A DEALER We mainly have two methods helping you to sell your vehicle. DIRECT BUY: we can inspect your car and make you an offer, with or without a part exchange situation. SALE OR RETURN: we can sell your vehicles on your behalf. Please visit our SERVICES page for further information regarding the above services. Generally selling to a dealer is quick and painless with minimum hassle, and furthermore no ongoing legal responsibility for the condition of the car. Moreover you may be able to strike a good deal if your car have some peculiarities or if you are part exchanging your vehicle. On the other side some sellers may feel that their vehicle has been undervalued. Additionally you may be in a situation where you owe more on finance for the vehicle than the dealer is offering you as a trade price. SELLING PRIVATELY We think it's a matter of luck; for sure selling privately is always a [...]

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General DISCLAIMER:   1. Accuracy and Contract Ayrton Ltd cannot guarantee the accuracy of information given on this site. Specifications and prices are indications for information purposes only. Please contact the selling dealership to confirm all prices and specifications before proceeding. Any mileages quoted are approximate and may not be guaranteed - please confirm with us before your purchase. Specifications of models can change from time to time. We reserve the right to change the specifications of any of its products. The information given is not intended to form the basis of any contract, and is merely an invitation to treat. Contracts can be made by completing and signing an order form at the selling dealership and/or by paying a deposit.



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Seat, relax and cheerfully wait your next toy.

Almost everything; we provide a wide range of bespoke services to help you deal with your vehicle(s), whatever the service may be.

Our services are tailored to suit your individual requirements. Our aim is to make the process of finding, buying, selling, maintaining or enhancing your vehicle(s) as hassle-free as possible, imparting our knowledge and expertise and giving you the level of service you expect and deserve. Furthermore, we can offer the usual dealer facilities such as part exchanges, finance packages, warranties, SORs etc.

Face the automotive world with us means wanting to save time, money and possible problems, with the certainty of having a professional figure beside you who will always direct you to the right choice.

Please see the full list of our services below.

THINGS TO CONSIDER: We are by your side, with skill and passion, following you [...]


We specialise in dealing with carefully selected classic and modern vehicles all around Europe. We also provide a wide range of professional services tailored to suit your requirements: from the initial research to the delivery to your door, with our help your next purchase will be easier and satisfactory. And safer, of course. Check out our website and don't hesitate to contact us, we are completely at your disposal to offer effective and concrete solutions for you.



We aren't just sellers! We offer a wide range of services to suits all your needs!


Quality without compromises; we strictly deal with cars we'd love to own.


Dealing with vehicles since 2007, we've achieved many goals. Have a look at our history.

We firmly believe that, if something is driven by a genuine passion, then it will be done better. Everything s [...]

About Us

Driven by genuine passion.

Our story:

We started dealing with vehicles in early 2007, driven by a huge passion and by a steady racing experience with lots of different vehicles. At the beginning we acted as a consulting company and have helped many people find, buy and sell their cars, all around the world, providing an accurate and professional consulting service that has been appreciated by every Customer. After several years of experiences, we started selling vehicles, aiming to supply a small number of vehicles per year, but only the best.

In 2016, with the purpose to expand and consolidate our influence on the European market, we have bought the rights of  AyrtonSportsCars, an UK company, that have been very successful in selling cars all over the world. We are now ready to offer, worldwide, the same consulting activities along with the supply of carefully selected classic and sports cars.


Clear and independent way of dealing.Extreme availability and attention to your needs.10 years of worldwide experience with cars.From A to Z, comprehensive and tailored services.We do the work, you relax.100% of of satisfied Customers.

The targets:

By your side, with passion! We always aim at offering a clear,  independe [...]

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