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Funny sell scheme



One owner Hertz
Ideal for enthusiast Total restoration needed
Slight attention needed Needs major overhaul
Good mechanics Bad body
Good body Bad Mechanics
Marriage forces sale It can be done in a Triumph, they did, and must get married
Stored two years Most parts seized, grass in chassis
No dealers No body who knows anything about cars, please
Collector’s item Price is over-inflated
Good t tires That’s all that is good about it
Excellent condition Buyer beware
Genuine reason for sale I’ve got to dump it
Company car forces sale I’ve got a better job and getting a decent car
Baby forces sale Can’t pour any more money into this thing
House forces sale Neighbors complaining
In need of total restoration In pieces
Lack of time forces sale Spent more time than it’s worth
Dismantled for restoration I can’t put it back together
Slight accident damage Total write off
OBO (or best offer) I don’t expect the asking price
Offers I haven’t the nerve to put a price on the car
Used daily High mileage and jillion things wrong with it
Genuine mileage Disconnected speedo-cable
Drives good Looks terrible
Strong runner same as above
Owned by careful lady The others were maniacs
Will bargain I’ll get mad, you won’t buy the car and I’ll hit you
Will consider trade Anything to get out from under this dog

Thank you Sandy Sanders Cambridge, England

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